Sunday, June 17, 2012

Diary of a Small Fish

Speaking of free books, one I read recently is Diary of a Small Fish by Pete Morin.  I probably shouldn't have started out with that introduction, because that makes it sound like the free part is what is important.  (Which it wasn't, but it WAS a nice bonus.)  And really, what I want to tell you is that it was a terrific story. 

I like a good legal mystery, and as a lawyer I'm easily annoyed when courtroom or other legal things are portrayed badly or inaccurately.  So I'm more inclined to try a new legal story if the author is a lawyer or judge or someone who should know how things actually work.  This author, Pete Morin, actually does.

This story takes a lot of twists and turns.  Paul Forte, a former Massachusetts state legislator, is indicted by a federal grand jury for hosting lobbyists at his golf club and accepting invitations to theirs.  But a flimsy indictment suggests a prosecutorial vendetta, and Paul can't understand why.  As he unravels the net of political intrigue around him, Morin takes readers into the world of politics and grand juries and even the etiquette of golf. 

It's a good debut novel, with some different twists, a complex plot, and solid writing.  I'll look forward to this author's next novel.  If you're in the mood for something a bit different from the usual courtroom drama, try this one.  (And if you have a Kindle, it's free right now!)

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  1. Hello, Diane,

    Through the wonder of Google Alert, I've discovered your kind words. Thank you! I am thrilled that you enjoyed it.