Saturday, July 28, 2012

Surface Tension

I've been big into escapist reading lately, light summer fare that doesn't require much thinking.  I just finished Surface Tension by Christine Kling and it fit the bill perfectly.  I think I found this novel via a free Kindle ebook promotion online, and unlike some free books, this was pretty good.

It's a mystery, with an unusual heroine.  Seychelle (her parents named all of their kids after islands) is a salvage boat operator off of the coast of Florida, and her world involves boats and diving and navigating the people and waters of that world.  It made for unusual and interesting reading.  The plotting was good, with an unusual and unpredictable storyline.  It was fun reading -- I enjoyed being immersed in Seychelle's world for a time.

I see there are other books in the series and I'll have to track them down.  Meanwhile, I see that Barnes and Noble has the paperback version of this book for $.01 and Amazon is offering the Kindle ebook for $.99.  A good deal for some fun entertaining reading.

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