Monday, April 11, 2011

This is Where We Live

Here's another novel from the library "new book" shelf, "This Is Where We Live" by Janelle Brown.  And where they live is Los Angeles, on a hillside with a beautiful view, in a cute bungalow.  The "We" are a fledgling director, right off of a surprising success at Sundance, and her rock musician husband, whose new band is almost done with its first, promising album.  Their lives are on the rise, and their house symbolizes all they hope to be in this exciting city.  But that earthquake in the first chapter?  Yep, it's promises shake-ups to come.

We see Claudia's successful first film sink without a trace, leaving her wondering what to do next.  We see Jeremy's band start to fall apart, as his buddies realize that it isn't really what they envisioned doing with their lives.  The mortgage market starts to crumble, leaving them uncertain about how to -- or whether they can -- stay in their house.  What can they sacrifice to pursue their creative dreams?  Do they even want to pursue their dreams of directing and music success? 

In some ways, this novel puts you in the middle of your fears -- losing your job, potentially losing your home, having to do any job you can get to keep going -- while you wonder what is truly important in your life.  But this isn't a dreary novel, and even while it addresses the possibility of descent into literal and emotional insecurity, it does so with a grace and lightness that makes this book enjoyable.

I enjoyed this and found as I neared the end that I didn't want to put it down.

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