Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something Missing

Well, I'll cut to the chase.  Something Missing by Matthew Dicks is a delightful and unusual novel.  It's not like anything else you've read, I promise.  But gosh, was it a fun and surprising read.

This novel follows Martin, a full-time thief who feels serious affection for his "clients," aka the people from whom he steals. His obsessive-compulsive disorder rules his careful theft, as Martin only those items that his clients won't miss.... two potatoes, a can of peaches, that extra bottle of laundry detergent.  And along the way, Martin stumbles into situations where he realizes he can help his clients.   And once he breaks his previously inviolate rule of remaining fully invisible, he doesn't just change his clients' lives -- he changes his own. 

I was sorry to see this novel end... and now I'm wondering about that extra can of diced tomatoes I was sure was in the cupboard...

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