Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Gun Seller

I was browsing in a Waterstone's bookstore when we were in England on vacation, and stumbled on "The Gun Seller" by actor Hugh Laurie.  You probably know Laurie from "House" on TV, and maybe the BBC series "Jeeves and Wooster."  My husband adores "House" (me, I can't take the arrogant snarkiness of the main character) and I knew he'd just finished the novel he was reading, so I picked this up for him.

And, after he read it, he raved so much that I ended up reading it too. And my conclusion?  Quite good, very entertaining, a twisty engrossing plot, and great humor.  The plot involves Thomas Lang, ex-officer of the Scots Guard, who has been approached and asked to murder a man for a huge amount of money.  Not only does Lang turn the offer down; he sets out to warn the intended murder victim that someone is offering money to kill him.  Of course, complications ensue, not the least of which is Lang's fascination with the man's daughter, and everyone's assumption that he is in fact trying to kill Lang.  The story connects up art and the military industrial complex and terrorists and romance, all with high wit and genuinely skillful writing. 

It was a great find, and I hope Laurie writes more.

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