Sunday, March 20, 2011

Such a Pretty Face

Cathy Lamb is one of those authors whose books I open with the knowledge that I'm going to be in for a great reading experience.  And her newest novel, "Such a Pretty Face," did not disappoint me.

Stevie Barrett is quirky, funny, and in deep pain.  She has a new body and new sense of health, thanks to major weight loss after bariatric surgery; she has a confusing history of childhood with a schizophrenic mother, an abusive uncle, loving grandparents and crazy cousins.  She has a pile of medical bills, and works as a paralegal and dancing chicken to pay them off.  Her journey to accept herself and cope with the truth about her family form the core of this novel.

But it's not as sad or grim as it sounds.  Lamb creates a likable and admirable character, and infuses a great deal of humor into these serious subjects.

I loved this book, and can't wait for Cathy Lamb's next one.

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